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Politics Cafe - Anything about politics, left or right or middle. Historical politics, current events, George W. Bush, wars, terrorism,

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Politics Cafe

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Anything about politics, left or right or middle. Historical politics, current events, George W. Bush, wars, terrorism, 9/11, African-Americans in New Orleans killed by the Bush Administration because

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25 Rules for being a Good Republican
25 Rules for being a Good Republican
Based upon the data and the various population studies that are now available, it appears that an extraordinary disintegration of the American Jewish community is in process. There was a time when every Jew could take it for granted that he or she would have Jewish grandchildren with whom to share Seders, Sabbath and other Jewish moments. That is no longer demographically possible.
Bernie's Heart!
Bernie Sanders, the longest serving Independent Senator from Vermont, is running for the Democratic Nomination for President, in 2016. Starting out with most people asking who is he, to gathering crowds of some 30,000 people and polling ahead of Hillary Clinton both in New Ham. and Iowa. He collect's small donations avg.$35.00, quite conservative in his personal spending yet to the left of Liberal in serving his beloved Middle class. He survived a news media blackout, till the media was forced to take notice. Not 'real' politician, but could be our next President.
The Fashion Prostitution Industry
The Fashion Industry is a Prostitution Ring in Disguise: Fashion models are in essence high-society prostitutes. Legalized prostitution for the wealthy.
The Politics of Religion
Religion, at this point in time, is out of style because people feel they have other things to cling to that can satisfy them to the same degree or moreso. Whether itís excessive consumerism, better communication with family and friends or simply the emphasis we now have on New Age methods of self-reflection and pampering, it is quite clear that we have created a culture of disbelief.

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Politics Cafe

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