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The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Ring - We right wing non fence stradling conservatives ARE the vast right wing conspiracy. We take no prisoners! Don't believe

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The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Ring

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Manager: sully2000
We right wing non fence stradling conservatives ARE the vast right wing conspiracy. We take no prisoners! Don't believe me? Visit our websites and see for yourself!


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   Christians United For Responsible Enlightenment of Soci Preview Go
Christians United for Responsible Enlightement of Society is an ourtreach educational minsitry dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, including all connections thereto, economics, monetary policy, foreign aid, etc. Our page is updated continually to bring you very controversial inforation that is sure to upset the way the world thinks on these subjects
   World War III? Preview Go
Prophecy of the Middle East compares the present times with the scriptures in the old testament, also Prayers for our troops
   GOP and College Preview Go
Observances By A Tennessee Born, Raised, and Educated Republican

   Brian's Page of Political Wit and Wisdom Preview Go
Satire aimed at disputing liberal notions and Home of the Clinton X Files.
   A new Economics Preview Go
A new way to describe macro economics. I was already aboard on geocities. I'm not sure how this new system works.
   A New Economics Preview Go
An economic analysis that shows that a tax [limited liability license fee] will cause capital growth and eliminate need for the many transaction taxes [income, sales, etc.] now imposed. A demonstration there is no lag between monetary actions of the FED and their effect on money value. A demonstration that a citizen's dividend [To compensate them for granting corporation and other
   The Homepage of Jeffrey A. Davis, Christian Author Preview Go
Contains original essays and fiction, as well as excerpts from his published work. Essays include political topics.
   AntiChrist - Satan Wants You To Vote Democrat Preview Go
The Brother of Jesus warns: Satan works through the Democratic Party to turn the children away from God and bring them into servitude to the demonic forces of darkness. Those who vote Democratic have innocent blood on their hands, and are guility of the death of the children! An UnForgivable Sin. You can not believe or be saved by Jesus, and vote Democrat.
   Deists, The Laws, our Constitution, The Destiny of Man Preview Go
Our Constitutional forefathers were Deists who understood the necessity for freedom and the right to live in a segregated community with like minded people. That we have permitted government to homogenize our thinking, and deny our fundamental rights, has alienated us from the knowledge of our true higher spiritual reality.
   A Time Of Crisis - Will The South Rise Again? Preview Go
The US has been conquered by an enemy that has waged war from within. The last vestige in the battle of freedom and liberty is presently being fought in the South! Still possessing a moral fiber, the people in this region of the country have come to realize that when they vote Democratic in local elections, they are empowering the enemy of freedom, liberty, the Rights of Man and God!

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