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The UNOFFICIAL Hillary Clinton 2008 webring - The unofficial webring for all people supporting Senator Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States To b

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The UNOFFICIAL Hillary Clinton 2008 webring

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The unofficial webring for all people supporting Senator Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States To be added, you MUST have a working system code on your site. If you have not already joined 'webring' (and have an SSNB on your page), this site's system code MUST be pasted in BEFORE I add you.

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   Who is Caring for American Families Preview Go
American families are seeing increase in loss of jobs, more illegal alien benefits, higher incarceration rates, and poorer living standards. Is this REALLY America? We can not take one more year of Bush, let alone 5 more.
   Bush Out in 2004 or BEFORE Preview Go
Young U.S. Soldiers' Suicide rate continues to climb. Who is responsible? The one who lied to the people, or the people for believing it?
   Kid4Kerry2004 Preview Go
It's not really necessary to be old enough to vote to care about my country.

   Dubya Is As Dumb As Paint Preview Go
Satirical Elect Dubya site
Hillary Clinton President of The United States..sounds good right??? let's make it happen!!!! I will follow her campaign with the latest articles..photos..and more...please join me............andy
   What is liberalism? The freedom FAQ Preview Go
Frequently asked questions about liberalism and progressive politics. Lots of info on a variety of issues, debunkings of many conservative myths.
   treehugger Preview Go
a political diatribe for a liberal piece of mind
   Vote Democratic in 2004 Preview Go
Simple site, monthly updates, extension to large Anti-Bush site, links to Democratic sites (JK, DNC), political cartoons, reasons to vote democratic
   The Top 52 Reasons to Vote Republican in 2004...Or Not Preview Go
It's hard to think of a reason to vote Republican in any election year. That's especially true this year, however. This site's here to "help". A new reason will be added every week up until the election. Also, Bonus Reasons and Republican HEROgue's Gallery.
   Kerry Supporters in Snohomish County WA Preview Go
Learn about John Kerry, times and places of area events, conventions and opportunities to support John Kerry for President.

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