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Renewable Energy WebRing - Untitled document The Renewable Energy Webring includes any site, commercial, educational, or personal which advoc

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Renewable Energy WebRing

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Manager: solar4rent
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The Renewable Energy Webring includes any site, commercial, educational, or personal which advocates clean renewable energy such as solar power, hydro power, wind power, wave energy, biofuels, and thermal energy. Included is information on products for green living, green travel, green web hosting, green building, and ecology.


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   Gaiatech living with nature Preview Go
Worlds simplest pump. It has no moving parts and is powered by falling water. It is inexpensiveand can be made with local skills and local raw materials. Build neat stone walls with or without cement. Aditional (unrelated) environmental information is included on site.
   EcoLiving Center's Energy Message Board Preview Go
Message board where people from all over the world discuss alternative energy systems: solar, wind, water, fuel cell, etc.
   Discrete Power Converter Renewable Energy Source Preview Go
This website is devoted to the physical principle and the usefulness of the new non traditional mechanism which is powered by the force of gravity of falling masses (including water) Discrete Power Converter (DPC). Unlike long-known and widely used mechanical energy converters continuous rotary type (waterwheel, turbine) used in the DPC principle discrete mechanical energy transformation (with low dissipation as electrical analogue switch power supply) of energy opens the possibility to design mechanisms for reciprocating type, which are attractive performance and extend the scope of use of gravity in the processes of transformation energy. DPC logo 2 A new patented mechanical compound machine (as water powered prime mover) is proposed for converting the energy of the water flow (or another free-flowing mass%2

   Cinci Home Solar Providing Residential Solar DIY Help Preview Go
a site where folks who want to DIY their own solar (using commercial grade components) can learn everything necessary to do a good installation in compliance with the NEC and good NABCEP solar practice. Lots of info, pictures, detailed descriptions, and PRACTICAL LINKS chock full of information!
   Climate Change Resources Preview Go
This site is designed to complement my climate change blog. It is a resource site links to reports and organisations involved in climate change mitigation and sustainability issues.

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