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Politics Cafe - Anything about politics, left or right or middle. Historical politics, current events, George W. Bush, wars, terrorism,

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Politics Cafe

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Anything about politics, left or right or middle. Historical politics, current events, George W. Bush, wars, terrorism, 9/11, African-Americans in New Orleans killed by the Bush Administration because

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   NAFTA II Preview Go
Expanding the North American Free Trade Agreement to make it more Fair.
   Women of Power Preview Go
Women of Power: In the third millennium BC, a legendary female warrior named Ku-baba took charge of the great city-state of Ur, and changed the shape of the Middle East at the dawn of civilization. Women like Britain's warrior queen Boadicea, Egypt's Cleopatra, Russia's Catherine the Great and Britain's "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth I left sensational legends behind them. But what about our modern women of power?
   An Overview of Feminist Artists of the 20th Century Preview Go
Photography by Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson and Victoria Van Dyke. Paintings by Joyce Wieland, Frida Kahlo and Jennifer Linton. Sculptures by Kiki Smith and Judy Chicago.

   Revenge of the Sith: Metaphors of War Preview Go
"In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the First Galactic Empire! For a safe and secure society!" - Emperor Palpatine, proclaiming himself emperor.
   The Politics eZine Preview Go
Articles about Business, Economics, Politics, Terrorism & War. Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Business, Economics, Global Warming & Climate Change.
   Robert Mugabe Preview Go
Zimbabwe's Dictator for Life? Who will rid Zimbabwe of its aged tyrant? Meanwhile Zimbabwe is on the brink of total collapse.
   Ontario's Untapped Oil Reserves Preview Go
A brief history of Ontario's oil industry and why Ontario isn't tapping more into it despite high oil prices.
   A Prison Called Palestine. Preview Go
What happens when you build a wall around an entire nation to keep in people? What do you call shooting children for playing soccer near a fence? What do you call a fence that is built by fascists?
   Trouble Rolls Uphill to Washington Preview Go
New Orleans in Anarchy: Part Two
   The Environmental eZine Preview Go
America & Canada's Source for Environmental News.

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