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The Neo-Gothic Art Webring - Goth is more than a set of clothes or a dark painting. Its a way of thinking, a manifesto on life and death. It embraces

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The Neo-Gothic Art Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
Goth is more than a set of clothes or a dark painting. Its a way of thinking, a manifesto on life and death. It embraces 18th Century Romanticist ideals, occasionally incorporates Victorian clothing, combines Celtic and Fantasy art, sponsors a rebellious attitude towards government and religion, and critiques the social norm. We're not talking gothic architecture here baby, we're talking about a social movement that stretches beyond fashion, music, art, religion and thinking. [This Ring is a member of the Gothic Unity Network]

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   Artists & Writers Wanted!!! Preview Go
We are looking for artist & writers who enjoy creating artwork and/or writing articles, editorials, essays, rants, biographies on a variety of topics: Automobiles, Business, Economics, Fashion, Feminism, Gothic Culture, Music, Mythology, Paganism, Politics, Religion, Society, Technology, Wicca. Knowledge of website design is a must.
   The History of Gothic Art: Preview Go
From Gothic Architecture to the Neo-Gothic Art Movement. From Notre Dame to Marilyn Manson.
   Chain Mail Silver, handmade and unique Preview Go
Beneath the ominous peaks of the Atlas Range lay the hidden secrets of the mystical metal, silver. From earliest times this beautiful metal has been worked by Anatolian artisans into the distinctive chain mail silver forms you can buy only here. Available nowhere else on the globe, Anatolian silver was prized by ancient kings and queens stretching far back into the darkest ages.

   The Gothic eZine Preview Go
Articles about Gothic fashion, art, dance, music and culture.
   The 2001 Mirage Freak Show Series Preview Go
The 2001 Mirage Freak Show Series is a cornerstone of Gothic Photography. Gothic models and performance art. Street art at its finest, the 2001 Mirage Freak Show was a walking success on the streets of downtown Toronto.
   Gothic Jewelry - body buttons, rings, cuffs, unique Preview Go
Gothic is about a sensual experience in mind and body. I am a Master Jeweler with over 30 years of experience. My clients enjoy adding a accent to their sensual lives. I design, or use their design, to make artwork for a more memorable experience. Come see my website for ideas on how to provide you and your loved ones with lasting memories.
   Dark Chamber Preview Go
it has articles on gothic art, paranormality and legends, an image gallery, a horror short stories section, many related links and a newsletter
   Gothic Culture is a Biproduct of Post-Modernism Preview Go
An analysis of the history of gothic culture within postmodernism. Written by gothic art critic Charles Alexander Moffat.
   Sprites N Pixels Preview Go
My demented prose and slightly tarnished artwork, come and play with the sprites n pixels!
   Stefanie Lynn Evans at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Her work could be described as gothic, surreal and sometimes twisted. Even a little depressing if it was not so cute and funny. She even did a cyborgian version of barbie, a homage to H. R. Giger. She cites John William Waterhouse, Salvador Dali, Michael Parkes, Clive Barker, and Tim Burton as her influences.

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