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The American Politics & Freedom Ring - American Politics & Freedom. Don't take your freedom for granted. You have to fight for it and maintain it. Thats a cent

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The American Politics & Freedom Ring

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American Politics & Freedom. Don't take your freedom for granted. You have to fight for it and maintain it. Thats a central part of American politics. Your freedom and your rights. - - - - - - Burning the American flag is every citizen's right to do when they want to protest. IT IS A RIGHT. And now, more than ever, we have the right and the REASONS to burn the flag. We have a reason to protest. We have a right to protest. We are free.

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   The Politics eZine Preview Go
Articles about Business, Economics, Politics, Terrorism & War. Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Business, Economics, Global Warming & Climate Change.
   George Bush Senior and Iraq's Oil Preview Go
George Bush Senior SHOULD have got rid of Saddam Hussein in 1991. Its 13 years too late now and hundreds of thousands of people have died for his stupidity. When Bush Sr. pulled out of Iraq it was for the same reason America pulled out of Vietnam.
   Is there Intelligent Life in the White House? Preview Go
No seriously, what kind of president are we dealing with? Is Bush actually intelligent by any standard set of guidelines? What is his level of intelligence? Monkey, ape, or caveman? (This article is rather funny. Please enjoy.)

   Secret U.S. Prisons Preview Go
WASHINGTON—Jun. 18, 2004. 10:48 AM. U.S. has secret jails, report says. Abuse of terror suspects called `inevitable'. CIA contractor charged in Afghan prisoner death. The United States is holding terrorism suspects in more than two dozen detention centres worldwide and about half of these operate in total secrecy, said a human rights report released yesterday.
   NAFTA II Preview Go
Expanding the North American Free Trade Agreement to make it more Fair.
   Female Rights In Retreat: Abortion, Rape & America Preview Go
I would like to take this moment to stop and take a cold, harsh look at the beating (dare I say rape?) that feminists have endured during the last 20 years. It is now 2001, and I want to look back at the 1980 to 2000 era.
   Canadian Mercenaries in Iraq Preview Go
Canadian troops could soon be reinforcing American troops behind the lines in Iraq, and preparing for the new war against Iran. American President George W. Bush and newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are currently brokering a deal that will have Canadian troops overseas in Iraq (and possibly Iran too), possibly only weeks or months from now.
   Bioterrorism & the Future Preview Go
Bioterrorism is a scary (doomsday like) thought to many Americans but its a reality we now face.
   Biography of Feminist Poet Hattie Gossett Preview Go
Interviews, reviews, 3 sample poems and photos of African-American poet Hattie Gossett.
   Is There OIL on Mars? Preview Go
"We do not know where this journey will end yet we know this: human beings are headed into the cosmos," said George W. Bush. "Along this journey, we'll make many technological breakthroughs," he promised. "Our efforts will be repaid many times over. We may discover RESOURCES on the moon or Mars that will boggle the imagination..." Is there oil on the Red Planet?

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