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Renewable Energy WebRing - Untitled document The Renewable Energy Webring includes any site, commercial, educational, or personal which advoc

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Renewable Energy WebRing

Manager: solar4rent
The Renewable Energy Webring includes any site, commercial, educational, or personal which advocates clean renewable energy such as solar power, hydro power, wind power, wave energy, biofuels, and thermal energy. Included is information on products for green living, green travel, green web hosting, green building, and ecology. The Renewable Energy Forum is a place where those with similar interests can discuss what's new and get advice on renewable enrgy and share our ideas.

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Exactly Bro... Tyranny, the - 12/23/2012
Exactly Bro... Tyranny, the unequal and arbitrary use of power to suppress... You should understand how for years we have been lied to. Perpetual Motion for instance is not impossible, in fact does Physics not insist on Perpetually moving Electrons in all matter? If the Earth is sticking together... Turning once every twenty four hours while revolving Perpetually around our Sun, all I've learned in my almost 60 some years is that all of Space is expanding... And, it's supposedly expanding faster... Not Slower!!! That said, there has been over 5000 Energy Related Patents just by the US Patent Office Classified for the NDAA and National Defense. In a push button world ran by Energy and a few Elite button pushers up at Wall Street make us back on Main Street think!!! Maybe Cold Fusion was working well and we have all been duped!!! Maybe the Alchemists were on to something long ago, it became the hidden sciences.

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