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Anything about the military, politics, war, peace, the marines, the navy, the air force or space exploration (NASA). Support your local soldiers. Enlist in the army reserve!

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Stop the Harassment - 12/13/2013

Constitutional Protection Act-

Introduction /Purpose

What we have in America is A Private for Profit limited liability corporation

called Court that uses deceptive practices and legal trickery to extort the American people for profit through Legislative/Statutory law A.K.A. Color Of Law-(see Am.Jur.2dsec.256) by forcing all to perform under an unrevealed contract .

ArticleIII state there is but one Judicial Power and it's vested in the Supreme Court.

All lower Courts are under the Legislative/Executive Branch of Government and have no Judicial Power they are all courts of contracts, and they are all in violation of the separation of Powers Doctrine and in violation of Article I sec.10 cl.r1Of the United States Constitution. America has been sublimely taken hostage by the American by the American B.A.R. Association A Private Membership Association every Attorney and lower courts are operating in violation of Article I sec.10 cl.1

By operating under Letter of Marque and Reprisal, Titles of Nobility, impairing right to contract, emitting Bills of Credit as True Bills,Bills of Attainder etc. The B.A.R. And lower Courts are at war with the American people.They are Extorting us under the color of Law in their Private Membership Court,that only Attorneys who pass the law understand,so if you don't go to law school you become A Slave to legislative law A.K.A. color of law,and when you do not consent to their Jurisdiction and claim your constitutional Rights.

That's why Attorneys will never challenge Jurisdiction of the Courts and avoid your Constitutional Rights,they only represent subject matter Jurisdiction, when they don't have Jurisdiction at all, that's why they operate aggressively, operating under letter of Marque and Reprisal, impairment of contracts,Titles of a Nobility,etc.Lower courts have B.A.R. A.k.a. "BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY".,and using theses laws to enslave laws that send genocidal numbers of African American/ Latino men to prison everyday for non violent crimes where there is no injured party or victim, they argue their private laws as A tool for modern day slavery,private law a.k.a. Statutory law,Titles,codes,ordinances are color of law that extorts the public and enslave classes of people through ignorance of the law is no excuse, but the problem is their practices are deceptive,intimidating,and by force, threat duress and coercion. This is why we the people must demand are President-Obama / and or Congressman to pass the Constitutional Protection Act our President is an Constitutional Scholar he can pass an executive order.

Get petitions signed-let's get National media involved- Legislators who pass these colors of law is where racism is at in America they pass laws that declare war on American freedom and individual genocide of African American/ Latino men there private laws does more harm than good to the families of these races, it is SLAVERY especially when majority of the prison population is non-violent offenders.Something must be done. Please join are petition, donate. Help Restore freedom and Constitutional Rights and prohibit the private B.A.R. Membership from extorting us and destroying our families from non-violent crimes.

Stop the Harassment

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