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Katrina - 01/31/2013

After 5 days in a stadium with no food or water,  civilization broke down,  I'm not surprised,  I am surprised that it took 5 days to brake down. That speaks well of the people involved! Some think that civilization comes with 'breeding'  so lets suppose for humors sake that it was about 500 well breed CEO's and whats left alive?  of their familys,  ... the raging flood waters can rip off a 'tux' better than jeans.  Now they huddle in a puddle trying to collect their sanity,  their possessions,  their life, ... where's the calvary?  The army?  The CAP?  snap, snap, snap,   they check their possessions, thank God for the NRA,  some guns have survived.... I wouldn't give them 5 days,  and one bus needed to pick up the survivers,  two weeks to clean up their mess. George Lopez gave a good working defination of what an effective FEMA should stand for ... Find Every Mexican Available! Lets hope at least some of the CEO's were directly responsible for holding up the funds to shore up the dikes.   I love poetic justice!!


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