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Political Parties and Groups

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What New World Order? - 01/27/2013
Knowone told me about it!  Knowone has assigned my place in 'this' new world order, not that I am one to stay in place. I get no money to think as I do. I don't like to see any group of people persecuted, or mistreated.  I have all my life been for the underdogs! Remember the Underdog cartoon character? I and Liberals like me, seem to have gotten an extra dose of compassion.  We are the Humanitarians,  the Enviromentalists,  Peta is 'Full' of us Liberals,  the word 'Liberal' means generous. I am admondished by Christ to "judge not," therefore I will not, nor is it any of my business what manner of 'sin' another person may have a problem with,  it is only by my example, my 'light',  my happiness,  the smooth path I have before me, that I can lead myself, with or without followers. To refuse to give to charity, because those 'people' might use the money you give them for drugs, is 'NOT' feeding Christ. Jesus said:   "Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me."  vs 45    see Matt. 25:31-46 I could care less what they did with the money I gave them,  I know what I did, I fed my Christ!

What New World Order?

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